LibiZenzs™ Libido Booster

A solution to increase sexual desire while helping increase muscle mass, energy levels and allowing that general wellbeing that we are all looking for.


¿What is LibiZenzs?

LibiZenzs™ is a product intended to improves women’s libido or sexual desire. Created by two renown venezuelan doctors: Doctors Klara Senior and Sofía Herrera who have more than 20 years of experience working in the area of feminine health inside and out.


¿Why create a product specifically for feminine libido?

In our 20 years of experience of working with women, listening to their stories, frustrations and most intimate desires during their consultations, we became aware of the fact there is a high percentage of our patients that complained about the lack of sexual desire. Some of them with concern, others with resignation; however, both always expressing the unhappiness caused by not having or feeling desire and to an extent losing their ability to enjoy a satisfying sexual life; since sexuality is an important part of health.


¿How did you create LibiZenzs™?

As physicians we know that many different factors can affect sexual. We also know that hormonal changes resulting from: menstrual cycle, age, births, menopause can alter synthesis and production of testosterone and neurotransmitters important for maintaining sexual desire alive in a spontaneous way.

Testosterone is the hormone responsible for sexual desire and arousal in men and women. In cases which this hormone decreases, as a result of hormonal and emotional changes, many of them unpredictable- sexual desire is also altered and decreases. Specially in women who in certain ways seem to be more sensitive to such changes.

After months of research we noticed that in the market there are many supplements aimed at improving libido, sexual desire and erections in men. However, pleasure and sexual desire of women seemed to be disregarded and overlooked by the industry, physicians and women themselves.

Therefore we began our research for an ideal natural supplement, with minimum secondary effects, that would help increase feminine libido.

We researched an endless number of ingredients and plants useful for modulating feminine hormonal function and increasing testosterone production. As previously indicated, testosterone is the hormone responsible for keeping alive sexual desire in both men and women. We reviewed their secondary effects and tested diverse combinations of formulas until we came across the perfect combination: LibiZenzs™.

A natural supplement made up of high quality components and active principles among which the following stand out: Maca Root, Korean Ginseng, Tribulus Terrestris, Tongka Ali, Horny Goat Weed, Ashwagandha Root and Zinz.


¿Why libido?

During more than 20 years of professional practice we listened to thousands of patients who said, “Doctor it’s just that I no longer feel a desire to have sex”, “I love my partner, but I no longer get aroused and it is very difficult to lubricate and orgasm”, “I feel tired all day, I think about everything I have to do and in the end I only accomplish doing one or two of those things and I’m drained, how do you consider that I’m going to think about sex while feeling like that.” “After giving birth I lost the desire”, “How annoying my husband always wants to have sex and truthfully I don’t feel like it not even a little bit, I do it out of obligation and to please him, but honestly I do not enjoy it. I wish I could be and feel different.”

Thus, there have been many cases and comments that women have shared during consult or after our conferences, courses and workshops that we sat down to think that right there before us was a real need that needed to be addressed to improve the lives of these women who express on a day to day basis that they do not feel they are “enough” as women.

That is how LibiZenzs™ was born. A solution to increase sexual desire while helping increase muscle mass, energy levels and allowing that general wellbeing that all women are looking for.


¿Why the name LibiZenzs™?

We decided to create LibiZenzs™ by combining the prefix Libi of the word libido, with the word Zen of the Zen philosophy – in which sexuality plays an important role- and we added “s” at the end as a way of relating the name to the word Sensual que comprises our brand.

For us it means to embrace our awakening of conscious regarding the importance of keeping our sexual desire alive and reconcile ourselves with our Zenzsuality to achieve a healthy, fulfilling and happy life.


¿How does LibiZenzs™ differentiate itself from other herbal supplements used to improve libido?

LibiZenzs™ was developed specifically to improve and boost feminine libido and simultaneously, to improves other aspects of women’s lives related to ways of maintaining sexual desire. Such aspects are mood, energy and wellbeing acting synergistically to improve the overall health of its users.



It is a combination of special herbs, amino acids, vitamins and minerals, to stimulate the general well being, libido and sexual performance, specially designed for today's women.

It helps the health and general well being in addition to contributing to toning muscle mass and athletic performance.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not suitable for diagnostic, treatment, cure or prevention of any disease.

This product does not contain yeast, gluten, soy proteins, sugar, starch, artificial coloring, conservatives or flavors.

For optimal storage conditions, store the product in a fresh and dry place. (59-77 * F / 15-25 * C) (35-65% de humedad relativa)

Package handling proof, do not use if the outside seal is ripped or missing.


  • Consult with your doctor before taking any nutritional supplements.
  • If you are pregnant, nursing, or taking any medication, please see your doctor before taking or using it.
  • If experiencing any side effects discontinue consumption or use.

Recommended use: 1 to 3 capsules a day

LibiZenzs™ Libido Booster