With this wonderful package you will get a total transformation:


5 sessions of Venus Versa treatment

5 Body contour for upper or lower body thermogenesis for localized fat removal

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With the Venus Versa™ body shaping treatments  we use radio frequency technology to naturally boost collagen production and break down fat cells, which diminishes fine lines and wrinkles, tightens sagging skin, smoothens out cellulite, and makes the body look slimmer, sculpted, and more toned.


Also the Thermogenesis therapy we helps shape and energize the body. The unique combination of specially selected organic herbs, clays and rich in essential oils is formulated to rejuvenate the skin and body. 

This therapy works on areas of the body that are flabby to make them thin and firm. Cryo therapy lifts sagging skin, tightens tissues, detoxifies the body, improves cellulite, and most importantly, helps you lose weight in just a few sessions.


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