Get 2 sessions of Hollywood Peel and 1 Pico Laser Rejuvenation Treatment!


With this package you will get 3 amazing sessions!


The Hollywood peel or carbon Peel is a two stage process.


During the first stage, a carbon lotion is applied to the skin. Then a 1060nm wavelength laser reaches the dermis, creating controlled thermal damage to stimulate the healing process.


This causes collagen, elastin and fibroblast production and remodelling to rejuvenate the skin and target fine lines and wrinkles. The heat created also induces remodelling and contraction of the pores, making it an ideal treatment for those with enlarged pores. When targeted at acne, this high energy treatment goes straight to the acne’s membrane and destroys it, reducing acne and its related inflammation or scars.


The Carbon Peel can be used to treat an array of skin concerns, including: Tired, sunken and ageing skin. Uneven skin tone and texture. Pigmentation. Acne. Enlarged pores.


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