With this package you will get: 

6 sessions Brazilian Butt Lift
6 sessions Fitxculpt for muscle firming
6 sessions Ice therapy

for only $999

(regular price $2499)


We have the pleasure to offer you the perfect solution to flat, sagging or uneven butt and disproportionate cheek size. When it comes to non-surgical buttlift, we have a host of options that make it possible for anyone to safely and easily achieve the but of your dreams. We can combine body contour techniques with a device that it works by removing volume from those areas we don’t want it to be, which in turn maximizes volume in all the places we do want it.


With the FitXculpt We can release high-frequency magnetic vibration energy through two large treatment handles to penetrate the muscles to a depth of 8cm, and induce continuous expansion and contraction of muscles to achieve high-frequency extreme training , to deepen the growth of myofibrils (muscle enlargement), and produce new collagen chains and muscle fibers (muscle hyperplasia), thereby training and increasing muscle density and volume. (more muscle less fat)


And with the Ice therapy we can lifts the sagging skin, tightens the tissues, detoxifies the body, improves cellulite and most importantly helps you lose weight in just a few sessions.


What are you waiting for? If you have any questions please give us a call at 8324373508 Or if you prefer text messages / Whatsapp at 2819045970


Brazilian Butt Lift ICEXCULPT