Look younger and show your beautiful skin with our Advanced Skin Care Treatments: 


  • Skin cleansing and hydration 

  • Galvanic skin treatment 

  • High frequency treatment 

  • Microdermabrasion 

  • Acne deep pore cleansing facial 

  • Cleansing with microdermabrasion 

  • Bi-polar Radiofrequency and four-polar Radiofrequency facials

Chemical Peels 


Photo Rejuvenation

Skin treatment that uses intense pulsed light or other thermal or Chemical methods to treat some skin conditions and remove wrinkles arising from photoaging

Acne Control

Quickest and most effective way to control acne and clear the skin. It does not require oral medication or long term dosing of antibiotics that requires strict compliance and can create antibiotic resistance and other complications. 



The technique consists in the intradermal or subcutaneous administration of small doses of different homeopathic substances applied to the area to be treated.